A Textbook for the Ecocene is a how-to guide for connecting to self, community and planet. The Ecocene is an emergent and imagined geologic era where all humyns are living in reciprocity with their ecosystems again. Each textbook chapter shares practical exercises to try at home, Earth-centered theory and spirituality, and interviews with Black and Indigenous Earth warriors—cultural workers generating planetary liberation in their everyday lives. These testimonios from Johanna Iraheta, Bruje Fuego, Raquel Lemus, Patty Denisse, Jasmine Nyende, Queen Hollins and Olivia Chumacero shine with wisdom and advice for new and seasoned Earth stewards alike. Created originally as Sarita Dougherty's DIY PhD Dissertation, A Textbook for the Ecocene is a curricula for eco-feminista educations, DIY degrees and planetary destinies. We are activating the Ecocene right now, one step at a time. What we pay attention to grows.

Size: 5" x 8.5", 158 pages, perfect bound

Self-published by Co—Conspirator Press with the support of Feminist Center for Creative Work. Edited by Simone Krug, copy edited by Gowri Chandra and Demi Corso. Designed by MJ Balvanera, Riso-printed by Neko Natalia.



(she/her, they/them) is a painter, parent, collaborator and educator of Cajun, Irish and Andean descent. Sarita is a cocreator of The School for the Ecocene Cooperative, offering a DIY PhD and more programs for planetary liberation. She currently lives and cultivates habitat on Ohlone Land. Sarita’s book, A Textbook for the Ecocene, is a continuation of her Artist Residency at The Feminist Center for Creative Work in Fall 2018.


You Can Vibe Me on My FemmePhone

slow and soft and righteous, improvising at the end of the world (and how to make a new one)


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