Co—Conspirator Press is a publishing platform for artists, writers, designers, printers, social justice workers, and editors from historically underrepresented communities who use their voice to address intersectional feminist issues and challenge cis-hetero-patriarchy, white-supremacy, and exclusionary, colonial, capitalist, and ableist systems. At the forefront of experimental and exploratory print and graphic design, we are a testing ground for new, critical thought, invested in creating democratic print projects including books, pamphlets and other documents. We value utilizing thoughtful means of production, with materials usually produced on the riso printer, which allows products to be more cost effective, with less impact on the environment, and ultimately more accessible. We are continuously working towards more equitable publishing models, allowing us the opportunity to abundantly support the writers, designers, printers, editors, and artists that we collaborate with. Through its publications, CO—CO Press invites its audiences to become well-informed, thoughtful collaborators in building a more just and equitable society that celebrates the voices of historically underrepresented artists, writers and thinkers.

Co—Conspirator Press operates out of the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles.

Co—Conspirator Press’s relationship with the author(s) begins at the time of selection of their work for publication, either through an open call or a direct invitation. Over the course of roughly 20 weeks, Co—Conspirator Press works directly with the authors to develop and edit their work, design, print and produce their book, and promote and distribute the final product. Authors receive an upfront $250 stipend for their work, as well as a 60/40 ongoing sales split between CO—CO Press and the author(s).



(she/her) is a Graphic Designer from Mexico City and is Creative Director for CO—CO Press. As a cis, light skinned Mexican national of European descent, MJ likes to think that graphic design can be more than just a series of arbitrary Eurocentric visual standards imposed on us all, but a fun means of individual and cultural expression. MJ started as a volunteer for WCCW, and has learned, grown and explored every step of the way. CO—CO Press was born out of MJ’s passion for colored paper, binding coils, and using design as a tool for the redistribution of resources.


(she/her) is a photographer and creative from LA. She is CO—CO Press’ Marketing and Communications Manager and a white and Latinx cis woman who benefits from white privilege. Her work is shot on film and portrays the multifaceted characteristics of women and non binary folks with an eye for naturalism and a focus on fashion. She has a passion for storytelling and enjoys the deep collaborative processes of being on the CO—CO Press Team.


(she/her) is a writer, zine-maker, and future high school history teacher who is always looking for fresh new ways to disrupt the “teacher as authority” paradigm. She is CO––CO Press’ Project Manager and is an Education MA candidate at Cal State LA.  Lindsey, a cis, mixed race Black person who benefits from light-skinned privilege, is from Los Angeles and grew up attending predominantly white punk shows where she quickly became known as the person who “couldn’t take a (racist) joke”. She continues to not be able to take a (racist) joke, enjoys a good book about California history and tries really hard not to overwater her plants.


(they/them) is the CO––CO Press resident risograph printer, producing every book that comes out of the press. Neko, a non-binary Indonesian, grew up in Los Angeles and enjoys eating with their hands, reading queer re-tellings of greek mythology, and meeting new cats. They started working for CO––CO in 2019 and attribute a lot of the patience they now have as an Aries to working on the risograph.