Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication

Slow and Soft and Righteous, Improvising At The End Of The World (And How We Make A New One)
Sonia Louise Davis

Tenderness: A Black Queer Meditation on Softness and Rage (Second Edition)
Annika Hansteen-Izora

A Textbook For The Ecocene
Sarita Doughtery

The Monumental Misrememberings
Mimi Tempestt

You Can Vibe Me On My FemmePhone
Kamala Puligandla

The Creative Black Woman’s Playbook
Veronica C. Ratliff

Experiments In Joy: A Workbook (Available in English and Spanish)
Gabrielle Civil

Making Art During Fascism
Beth Pickens
Maintenance Required:
Basic Auto Care Workbook And Resource Guide
Sarah Lyon

Motifs, Migrations and Misappropiations
Frau Fiber

On Artists And Hopelessness
Beth Pickens

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