Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication
Sliding Scale: $20, $30, $50

Slow and Soft and Righteous, Improvising At The End Of The World (And How We Make A New One)
Sonia Louise Davis
Sliding Scale: $12, $22, $30

Tenderness: An Honoring of my Black Queer Joy and Rage
Annika Hansteen-Izora
Sliding Scale: $20, $30, $50

A Textbook For The Ecocene
Sarita Doughtery
Sliding Scale: $30, $40, $75

The Monumental Misrememberings
Mimi Tempestt
Sliding Scale: $13, $33, $66

You Can Vibe Me On My FemmePhone
Kamala Puligandla
Sliding Scale: $25, $35, $50

The Creative Black Woman’s Playbook
Veronica C. Ratliff
Sliding Scale: $12, $22, $30

Making Art During Fascism
Beth Pickens
Sliding Scale: $15, $25, $38

Experiments In Joy: A Workbook
Gabrielle Civil
Sliding Scale: $12, $22, $30

Maintenance Required: Basic Auto Care Workbook And Resource Guide
Sarah Lyon
Sliding Scale: $26, $36, $65

Motifs, Migrations and Misappropiations
Frau Fiber
Sliding Scale: $2, $10, $20

On Artists And Hopelessness
Beth Pickens
Sliding Scale: $15, $25, $38


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