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Transchool: Volume 1 is an anthology featuring the multifaceted work — poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, genre-defying writing — by the first class of Transcshool creative writers and their mentors, including Ali Liebegott, Andrea Jenkins, and Thomas Page McBee, with introduction letters from Chase Strangio and Kyle Lasky of @Transanta, Drew Denny, and Ren Heintz. Allies in Arts founded Transchool to empower the voices of trans writers ages 18-24.

“The stories that you will read in this book are a product of what happens when trans people get to craft their stories in a safe and open space. This book will allow other trans people to see their stories reflected back to them.” – Dr. Ren Heintz

Chase Strangio
Kyle Lasky
Ren Heintz
Emory O'Malley
Souji Morris
L. Schlezinger
Nya Siamese
Ali Liebegott
Sirui Qin
Ezra-Ezeekial Ranard Green
Hayden Ryan
Andrea Jenkins
N.J. DiOrio
Mai Manion
Thomas Page McBee
Ari Limon
Oakley L. Marton
Dante Ureta
Jaclyn Moore
Drew Denny
Archie Jude

Size: 6" x 8", 120 pages, perfect bound. Edition of 500.

Published by Co—Conspirator Press with the support of Feminist Center for Creative Work and Allies in Arts. Edited by Ren Heintz, Stella Ramos, and Kamala Puligandla. Copy Edited by Stella Ramos. Designed by Raquel Hazell of Saalt Press. Risograph printed by Cynthia T. Navarro. Bound by South Gate Bindery.


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